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Charley Peters is a London-based painter. Her work is concerned with the spatial potential of the painted surface, on which she applies subtle variations in colour, tone and scale to construct illusionary light and structural depth. Starting from an interest in abstract painting, the work considers the manifestation of painterly language in the context of contemporary media, where viewers experience multitudinous visual information in quick succession, often dematerialised and seen on screens. Using techniques of layering and juxtaposition as a means of exploring the materiality of paint, Peters explores the disrupted syntax of pictorial composition synonymous with our experiences of reading space, material and abstract form in the post-digital image world.

Peters exhibits internationally, being shown recently at dalla Rosa Gallery (London), Z20 Sara Zanin Gallery (Rome), Art 2 (New York) and Boecker Contemporary (Heidelberg). Peters has contributed writing about painting to online and print publications that include A-N, Turps Banana, Abstract Critical and Saturation Point. She is a peer reviewer for The Journal of Contemporary Painting and an independent curator, recently curating the group exhibition Merge Visible, Contemporary British Painting through a Virtual Window for the Contemporary British Painting group. Peters has completed a PhD in Fine Art Theory and Practice, which explored notions of interior space in art and its relationship to Freud’s writings on The Uncanny. She has held academic posts lecturing in Fine Art and Critical Theory at institutions including University of the Arts London, Manchester Metropolitan University and Victoria and Albert Museum, and visiting lectureships at Royal College of Art, University of Wales Institute Cardiff and Leeds University.

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