Charley Peters

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2022 50 Years of Painters Painting, Instantloveland
2020 Crazy Like Machines: Cyborg Abstractions in the Technological Age, Instantloveland
2020 Without Borders: Alastair Gordon, Aleph Contemporary Journal
2019 ‘Lee Krasner: Living Colour’: Dead Husbands, Other Stories, Go Girlfriend!, Instantloveland
2019 Painting, Writing, Abstraction and the Spaces In-between: In Conversation with Tess Jaray, Instantloveland 
2018 Genital Panic: Abstraction by Women in ‘Surface Work’, Instantloveland 
2017 Jean Spencer: The Ideological Dimensions of Colour, Turps Banana Issue #18
2017 Merge Visible: Contemporary British Painting Through a Virtual Window, Catalogue Essay
2016 Mary Heilmann, Looking at Pictures, Abcrit
2015 Charley Peters interviews Terry Pope, Saturation Point
2015 Charley Peters interviews Judith Duquemin, Saturation Point
2015 Charley Peters interviews Sharon Hall, Saturation Point
2014 Charley Peters interviews Andy Parkinson, Saturation Point

2014 Tony Smith: Sculpture and Painting, Timothy Taylor Gallery, Abstract Critical
2014 Thoughts on Malevich’s Black Square, Abstract Critical
2014 Drawing in the Reality of Space, TRACEY Journal for Drawing and Visualisation Research

2015 Agnes Martin, Tate Modern, AbCrit
2015 Off Line/On Line: Miranda Boulton and Suzanne Holtom, A-N
2015 Callum Innes, Frith Street Gallery, Saturation Point
2015 Adventures of the Black Square, Abstract Art and Society 1915-2015, Whitechapel Gallery, AbCrit
2014 Carol Robertson: Circular Stories, Flowers Kingsland Road, Saturation Point
2014 Where Were You? Lisson Gallery, Abstract Critical
2014 The Social Bases of Abstract Art, UpDown Gallery, Saturation Point
2014 Vanessa Jackson, Rough Cut and Faceted, Marcelle Joseph Projects, Saturation Point
2014 Correspond,19 Painters from Turps Banana Correspondence Course, A-N
2014 Trade, Castor Projects, Saturation Point
2013 Young Gods 2012, Charlie Smith London, A-N
2012 Autography, Drawings by Madge Gill & Jack J Hutchinson, A-N 


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